Thermae Bath Spa is a mobile phone free zone.

From January we are pioneering a new system to ensure that guests to the world-renowned spa can fully immerse themselves in the unique experience of bathing in the UK’s only public natural thermal day spa undisturbed by mobile phones.

All too often their pleasure is disturbed by the ubiquitous mobile phone- noisy ring tones, message alerts, calls, and unwanted inclusion in someone else’s photographs. A regular source of annoyance to our guests who simply want to relax and chill out- and a problem for our staff who have to recover dropped phones from the bottom of pools!

We are partnering with Yondr to provide mobile phone pouches that guests can use to keep their phones secure but unusable while they are enjoying the spa facilities. The Yondr pouch closes with a magnetic lock making it impossible to use until the pouch is opened when guests leave the Spa. The Yondr pouch is used at venues across the world, but this will be its first application in a UK Spa.

On arrival all guests will be asked to put their mobile phones in a Yondr pouch which leaves the phone unusable while inside the Spa.

At the end of your visit please place your pouch on an ‘unlocking station’ this will release your phone and drop your pouch into a supplied basket underneath.

If you would like further information, please click here:

If you have any further questions about the use of pouches inside our facilities, please contact